Current Pieces #1-3 - 2023
Current Piece #1 - music by Vijay Iyer, Crown Thy Good - danced by Molissa Fenley
Current Piece #2 - music by Nico Muhly, Refine - danced by Christiana Axelsen
Current Piece #3 - music by JP Jofre - Air on America - danced by Timothy Ward

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In the Garden (with Ryuichi) - 2023
This dance was choreographed in homage to the late composer Ryuichi Sakamoto as part of Sakamoto Blue Sky organized by UMass Amherst and played on their youtube channel for the month of August 2023.
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De La Lumière, Entre Les Lampes - 2023
New piano score by Philip Glass (2023)

Etruscan Matisse/Blake - 2023
with music by Ryuichi Sakamoto, 20210310


Lava Field with Dead Stars Still Shine - 2022
Collaboration with Paz Tanjuaquio
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Cosmati Variations, Variation 5 - 2022
Music by John Cage, Third Construction (1941)
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Rhythm Field - 2021
Created while in residence at SMU, Rhythm Field features choreography by Molissa with choreographic phrases contributed by the dancers. Original score by Jamal Mohamed.
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Pipes Going Nowhere - 2021
Created in collaborations with Rebecca Chaleff, Sara Mearns and Cassandra Trenary. Music by Julian Julien
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State of Darkness, revival - 2021
State of Darkness was performed for a live audience at the Joyce Theater - June 2021
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State of Darkness, revival - 2020
Commissioned by The Joyce Theater and live streamed in October 2020.
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The Cut-Outs (Matisse) - 2019
Created in collaboration with poet Bob Holman and composer Keith Patchell.
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Some phrases I'm hoping Andy would like - 2019
Choreographed as a tribute to the late choreographer Andrew de Groat.
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Untitled (Haiku) - 2019
Created in collaboration with poet Joy Harjo and composer Larry Mitchell
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Artifact - 2018
Created for Peiling Kao. This work will premiere as part of Peiling Kao's solo works concert in December in Honolulu.
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Archeology in Reverse - 2018
Created in collaboration with Catherine Wagner. Video and sound by Michael Mersereau.
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Circadian Rhythm - 2016
A duet for Christiana Axelsen and Molissa Fenley created in collaboration with visual artist Robert Gaylor with music by Peter Garland. Presented in residence at the National Dance Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Rue Surf - 2016
Collaboration with poet Bob Holman and Molissa Fenley presented in celebration of New Wave, an exhibition of paintings by Roy Fowler. Fort Gansevoort Gallery, New York, NY Premiere November 12, 2016.
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Water Table - 2016
Water Table is a work in 8 parts
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Seven - 2015
Commissioned by Dana and Shinichi Iova-Koga as part of 95 Rituals for Anna Halprin
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Dance an Impossible Space - 2014
Reconfigured as a trio and performed with music composed and performed by Erin Gee.
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Redwood Park, Part 1 - 2014
Commissioned by the Oakland Ballet and premiered on May 16, 2014. Music composed by Joan Jeanrenaud and performed live by percussionists Nava Dunkelman and Anna Wray.
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Redwood Park, part 2 - 2014
Premiere on September 16, 2014 at the Judson Memorial Church
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Esperanto - 2014
Reconstructed by Christiana Axelsen and Molissa Fenley. Performed at the Judson Memorial Church on September 16, 2014. Music by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
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Entrance - 2014
Duet for Christiana Axelsen and Molissa Fenley. Music by David Behrman, "Figure in a Clearing" (1977)

BEAMS - 2014
Premiered on April 1, 2014 at the Mills College Art Museum, two shows, 5pm and 6:30pm. Music by Alvin Curran.
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Horizon - 2013
Music by Pauline Oliveros, Ione, used by permission of the composer. Performed only in studio showings. This work became a part of Found Object, danced in duet by Christiana Axelsen and Molissa Fenley, premiered on October 2, 2013 at NYLA.
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Found Object - 2013
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Dance an Impossible Space - 2013
This work was made while in residency at the Bogliasco Foundation, November 18 - December 16.
Premiere at The Chalet on December 14, 2013.

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Energizer - 2013
Reconstructed by Molissa Fenley from the original recording of the opening at Dance Theater Workshop in 1980
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Found Object - 2013
with contributions from Roy Fowler (painter), Erin Gee (composer), John Guare (playwright), Joy Harjo (poet), Jene Highstein (sculptor) and Rudy Wurlitzer (writer) commissioned and premiered at New York Live Arts on October 2, 2013


Found Object (solo version) - 2012
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Cross Bridge - 2012
Collaborative work with Holley Farmer, John Jesurun, David Moodey and Rosemary Quinn
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The Vessel Stories - 2011
A work in three parts set to String Quartet #4 (Buczak) by Philip Glass.
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Credo in Us - 2011
Music by John Cage, performed by the Mills Performance Ensemble.
Danced by Molissa Fenley, Peiling Kao, Cassie Mey, Alyssa Lee Wilmot, Rebecca Wilson. With a chorus of 8 current MFA and MA Dance candidates.

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94 Feathers - 2010
Props by Merrill Wagner, music by Cenk Ergun, costumes by Jill St. Coeur, lighting by David Moodey.
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Planes in Air - 2010
Props by Roy Fowler, music by Joan Jeanrenaud, costumes by Jill St. Coeur, lighting by David Moodey.
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Pieces of Land - 2010
Props by Jene Highstein, music by Jason Hoopes, costumes by Jill St. Coeur, lighting by David Moodey. Premiered at Joyce Soho, November 4, 2010. Performed by Molissa Fenley, Katie McGreevy, and Cassie Mey.
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Prop Dance #5 - 2010
Props by Keith Sonnier, music by Lainie Fefferman, costumes by Jill St. Coeur, lighting by David Moodey. Premiere at Joyce Soho, November 4, 2010. Performed by Molissa Fenley, Katie McGreevy and Cassie Mey.
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Regions (Revival) - 2010
Music by Maggi Payne, set by Roy Fowler, costume reconstruction by Jeffrey Wirsing, original lighting by David Moodey. Performed in alteration by Molissa Fenley (Chair, Ocean Walk, Mesa); Katie McGreevy (Mesa) and Cassie Mey (Ocean Walk). Reconstruction support by the American Masterpieces Initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts, 2010.
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Double Beginning - 2010
with poetry by Bob Holman


Ice, Dew, Food, Crew, Ape - 2009
Music by Alvin Curran
Maritime Rites (Ice, Dew, Food, Crew, Ape)
with John Cage soloist and the Ship horn of the Nantcuket Light Ship II and Poem, STEP, by Bob Holman

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Mass Balance - 2009
music by Cenk Ergun, 120408, prop by Todd Richmond
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Double Beginning - 2009
Premiered at the Orensanz Space in New York City at the American Academy in Rome gala. With poet Bob Holman. Subsequently reconfigured as a trio for Molissa Fenley, Cassie Mey and Katie McGreevy and premiered at the 92nd Street Y in March, 2010.
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Cosmati Variations 1-4 - 2008
music by John Cage
Cosmati Variation 1 - The First Construction (1939)
Cosmati Variation 2 - A Flower (1950)
Cosmati Variation 3 - The Second Construction (1939)
Cosmati Variation 4 - Forever and Sunsmell (1950)

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Calculus and Politics - 2007
music by Harry Partch
commissioned by and premiered at The Joyce in honor of their 25th anniversary

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Castor - 2007
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Dreaming Awake - 2006
music by Philip Glass, costumes by Oona Batez
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Four Lines - 2006
music by Jon Gibson
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Patterns and Expectations - 2005
music by Fred Frith
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Desert Sea - 2005
music by Lou Harrison
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Lava Field - 2004
music by John Bischoff


Water Courses - 2003
music and text by Joy Harjo

Kuro Shio - 2003
music by Bun-Ching Lam
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Waiting for Rain - 2002
visual design by Roy Fowler, music by Robert Ashley
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331 Steps - 2002
visual design by Merrill Wagner, music by Laetitia Sonami

Sky Garden - 2002

Short Stories - 2002
Performed in Silence


Folds - 2001
music by Fred Frith, choreographed in collaboration with Bebe Miller

Signs/Landmark - 2001
music by Lou Harrison for Signs, music by Somei Satoh for Landmark, as played by Aki Takahashi


Island - 2000
sculpture by Carol Hepper, music by Harold Meltzer

Weathering - 2000
sculpture by Merrill Wagner

Ceremony - 2000
text by Joy Harjo

Spring Waterfall - 2000
music by Philip Glass and Foday Musa Suso

I and You Resemble Each Other, Now - 2000
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Delta - 2000
music by John Cage

Sky Garden - 2000
Performed in Silence


Timbral Inventions - 1999
music by John Cage
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Voices - 1999
music by Kevin Volans, as performed by Joan Jeanrenaud

Escalay - 1999
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Escalay - 1999


La Muse Menagere - 1998
music by Darius Milhaud

Tala - 1998
music by John Cage


Trace - 1997
painting by Roy Fowler, music by Jonathan Hart Makwaia text by John Jesurun
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Icho - 1997
music by Leroy Jenkins
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On the Other Ocean - 1997
music by David Behrman
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Latitudes - 1996
a work created for the web
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Pola'a - 1996
Music by Lou Harrison, Costumes by Evan Ayotte
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Sita - 1995
photography by Sandi Fellman, music by Philip Glass, costumes by Gabriel Berry
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Savanna - 1995
music by Peter Garland, costume by Gabriel Berry
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Regions - 1995
sculpture by Roy Fowler, music by Maggi Payne
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Bridge of Dreams - 1994
sculpture by Kiki Smith, music by Laurie Anderson
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Jalan Jalan - 1994
music by Lou Harrison


Escalay - 1993
music by Hamza el Din
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Tilliboyo - 1993
music by Foday Musa Suso, costume by Gabriel Berry
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Sightings - 1993
sculpture by Tatsuo Miyajima, music by Pauline Oliveros, costumes by Gabriel Berry
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Nullarbor - 1993
sculpture by Richard Long, music by Robert Lloyd, costume by Gabriel Berry
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Channel - 1993
sculpture by Richard Serra, music by Somei Satoh, costumes by Gabriel Berry
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Witches' Float - 1993
sculpture by Kiki Smith, music by Alvin Lucier
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Place - 1992
music by Arvo Part, costumes by Gabriel Berry
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Threshold - 1992
music by Somei Satoh, costume by Gabriel Berry
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Inner Enchantments - 1991
music by Philip Glass
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Bardo - 1990
music by Somei Satoh


Augury - 1989
music by Christopher Hyams-Hart, choreographed in collaboration with Doug Varone
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The Floor Dances - 1989
sculpture by Richard Long, music by Henryk Gorecki
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Provenance Unknown - 1989
music by Philip Glass


In Recognition - 1988
music by Philip Glass

State of Darkness - 1988
music by Igor Stravinsky
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Separate Voices - 1987
costumes by Sandi Fellman


Feral - 1986
music by Robert Lloyd
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Geologic Moments - 1986
music by Philip Glass and Julius Eastman
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A Descent into the Maelstrom - 1986
music by Philip Glass, costumes by Eamon D'Arcy
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Inner Enchancements - 1986
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Esperanto - 1985
music by Ryuichi Sakamoto, costumes by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Cenotaph - 1985
music by Jamaaladeen Tacuma, text by Eric Bogosian
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Hemispheres - 1983
visual element by Francesco Clemente,
music by Anthony Davis,
costumes by Rei Kawakubo

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Eureka - 1982
music by Peter Gordon
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Peripheral Vision - 1981
music by Mark Freedman

Gentle Desire - 1981
music by Mark Freedman
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Boca Raton - 1980
music by The Talking Heads, design by Steve Keister

Energizer - 1980
music by Mark Freedman
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Red Art Screen - 1979
video by Keith Haring, live version

Mix - 1979
Costumes by Carmel Johnson
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The Willies - 1979

Planets - 1979

Video Clones - 1979
Video by Keith Haring

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