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Molissa has just completed the concluding variation, Part 5, for Cosmati Variations, set to John Cage's Third Consruction. The entire work of all five variations will be presented as part of the Agropoli Dance Festival this coming July. Performed by Christiana Axelsen, Jared Brown, Molissa Fenley and Timothy Ward at the Dance HUB in Agropoli, Italy.

Come and join us there!

Best wishes to all,
Love, Molissa
Photos ©2021 Paula Court

Rhythm Field, Molissa Fenley

Molissa Fenley, one of the most influential artists of postmodern dance, has had a lasting impact on performance. In dance, she has explored extreme effort and duration in highly crafted patterns and performed with an explosive, joyous energy that infused her work with endurance, balance, and life force. She challenged modern dance orthodoxy and redefined the character of a woman’s moving body in the late twentieth century, bringing postmodernized ritual to the stage.

Rhythm Field is a vivid and probing portrait of Fenley’s four-decade career, written by her fellow artists. The collection functions as a multifaceted look into one woman’s complex performing arts legacy. The result is itself an aesthetic undertaking that investigates the ways in which Fenley straddles dance traditions, art genres, and gender norms and has been a model to the field. The collection offers several scholarly analyses of the choreographer’s work, and is, above all, a vibrant record from the field. Rhythm Field sits at a necessary midpoint between criticism and scholarship.

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Residency with the Dance HUB
July 17-23, 2022
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Agropoli Danza Festival
July 22, 2022, 9pm
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Agropoli Danza Festival
July 23, 2022, 9pm
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Mali from Molissa Fenley on Vimeo.

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