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Molissa Fenley and Company at the Danspace Project
June 14, 2018

Photo © Arturo Bejar

Molissa Fenley and Company at the Danspace Project

From June 21 through 23, Molissa Fenley and Company, in a collaboration with percussionist Frank Cassara and violinist Ralph Farris are presenting an evening of dance and live music, with scores by four contemporary composers. The program features four dances from Fenley’s Water Table, three of which are New York premieres.  The program also includes a new configuration of Fenley’s 1979 work Mix. Performances are at Danspace Project in Manhattan. The dances of Water Table present the qualities of water, the abundance or lack of pure water in a geographical area, and the conditions and patterns of large bodies of water. Entrance, with music by Linda Bouchard, is inspired by the empathic coordination between the human body and water: a close proximity, a transfer of feeling and abstraction. Sargasso Sea, featuring music by Andrew Toovey, is a salutation to the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean in which many ecosystems live in harmony and fecundity. Mali, with music by Frank Cassara, is a requiem to the land-locked country of Mali, a desert land where people walk miles for precious water, water readily available to the ruling oppressors. And The Pattern of the Surface, featuring music by Tigran Mansurian, is a dance poem inspired by a large body of water, its depth reflected by the shades of color.

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Mali from Molissa Fenley on Vimeo.

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