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Columbia Museum of Art: Face Value Artists' Portraits by Alphonse van Woerkom
Alphonse van Woerkom, Columbia Museum of Art
© 2017
October 6 2017

Alphonse van Woerkom is an artist fascinated with other artists. As a life-long draftsman, his natural response is to draw portraits of them. He invites friends and colleagues to sit for him and using his numerous smaller sketches, works up a wall-sized drawing. A master of the medium, Van Woerkom uses a wide variety of drawing techniques. The result is a likeness that is realistic yet full of evocative and provocative marks. The visitor will see up close the artist's methods and how they come together to form powerful images.

Learn more about the exhibition with our multimedia tour featuring in-depth discussions with experts from both inside and outside the art world. Featuring portraits of Molissa Fenley, Sam Gilliam, Kiki Smith, Ida Appelbroog and others.

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