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Molissa Fenley
Camille Hardy, Dance Magazine, Vol. 69, No. 5
January 24, 1995

Molissa Fenley has always had an affinity for the dramatic. When she crumpled to the floor shortly before intermission on the opening night of this engagement, spectators were still sitting in momentary silence as an announcement was made canceling the rest of the performance and, subsequently, the remaining appearances. On the following day the injury was pronounced "an acute cartilage and ligament injury to her left knee." Before her injury, Fenley had managed to perform two new works, as well as much of a third premiere, programmed with the 1993 Witches Float

Fenley's interest in the distilled values of Asian art and her penchant for repetition imbued the three new works with many similarities. Principal variations were apparent in the choreographer's response to the music and to her visual collaborators, whom she is extremely adept at choosing and mining for excellent production values.

Sita--with music by Philip Glass, costume by Sandi Fellman, and lighting by David Moodey--is Fenley's longest exploration yet of the use of twining arms and hands, an active torso, and …

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